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The Sweet Jada’s Skin Cleanser


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This amazing cleanser is for all skin types, this cleanser can be used everyday. It contains ALL natural ingredients. Why use our cleaner? It is infused with all natural ingredients that target specific skin care concerns. This cleanser works amazing for all types of acne , blemishes , scarring & so much more! (4OZ)

instructions: apply to onto wet face , massage into skin in a circular upward motion and rinse. Follow up with our amazing microderm scrub!!! 

Cleanser + Toner = Use it AM AND PM

Scrub= 1-3 times a week 



Castillo soap
Raw honey
Black seed oil
Sodium bicarbonate
Elemi oil
Lavender oil
Geranium oil
Turmeric root powder
Activated charcoal
Vitamin E oil
Aloe Vera gel
Beet root powder-adds color and increases blood flow.

Shake well before each use