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Silkening Creamy Curl Defining Shampoo


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The silkening creamy curl defining shampoo:

The facts: Say goodbye to dry undefined, stringy and crunchy curls. You can now say hello, to curls that are infused with silk, the perfect blend of ingredients to define those curls , & feed nutrients into the strands with all Natural ingredients. This product, and the others in the curl collection work to give the hair the proper moisture it needs , and repairing the health of the hair. Not only will this product silken and define curls, it will keep scalp fungal infections away. After using this curl collection, your curls will thank you!

How to use: Wet hair first, apply shampoo and massage into scalp, lathering up shampoo. Allow it to sit for a minute and rinse thoroughly

The goodness inside: Almond oil, argan oil, Amla, Basil, chamomile, rosemary, marshmallow & a proprietary blend