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Luxe Maintenance Hair Box

$65.00 $120.00

The time is finally here!!! We have all the products you need to GROW , THICKEN , and REPAIR your hair .. but with this maintenance box you will be able to KEEP your hair healthy! Healthy hair requires maintenance in order to STAY healthy. 

Maintenance is key to keeping your hair healthy + thriving , using these products will protect your hair from damage , split ends, shedding + extreme cases of hair loss.


Purpose of subscription box:

This subscription box has the perfect products to protect, keep your hair growing , detox, moisturize, & strengthen your hair. Did we mention the products are travel size too? YES! So you’ll be able to take these on vacation! The subscription is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to wait on a restock day, you can just get this box to your door monthly! 

Products in the box: 

Our subscription products are labeled in the order that you should use them:

1.Shaft prep spray step 1:

( Ingredients: Aloe, rose, cucumber, rosemary leaf, argan & a proprietary blend) 

2. A scrub for scalp cleanse step 2:

( Ingredients: Organic brown raw sugar, oatmeal, jojoba oil, fenugreek, vitamin e, tea tree, rosemary, lemon, grapefruit & a proprietary blend) 

3.Shed control shampoo step 3:

( Ingredients: The Glam Room shampoo base, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, coconut oil, thyme & a proprietary blend) 

4.Hair strengthening conditioner step 4:

( Ingredients: The Glam Room conditioner base, aloe, horsetail, basil, & a proprietary blend)

5.Sun damage control oil step 5:

( Ingredients: Avocado, hemp seed, coconut, grapeseed oil & marshmallow and a proprietary blend)