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Extra Strength Hair Growth Scrub & Build Up Remover


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Hair growth scrub + build up remover

This scrub has two initial purposes, the first is to cleanse the scalp of any build up and oils. The reason for this is build up can actually cause hair loss , due to the build up clogging pores. Build up on the scalp can actually cause lack of oxygen to the scalp, when this happens it can cause the follicles to die, in the end that causes hair loss.

Ingredients: Raw organic sugar, peppermint oil, black caster oil, rose hip, hempseed, sweet almond oil, hibiscus

Directions: Before applying the oil, wet
Your scalp thoroughly and put a generous amount of the scrub into your hands. Run your hands together and apply directly to scalp, massage into scalp in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly

Benefits: Removes build up, toxins & cures dandruff. Leaves your scalp with the perfect environment to grow.

- This jar comes in a 12oz