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Dandruff Scrub


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Ingredients: Argan, Shea butter, jojoba, oats, peach, grapefruit & a proprietary blend


Directions: Wet scalp first, apply scrub to hands and rub hands together, apply scrub to scalp and massage in. After massaging in, rinse thoroughly. Can be used once a week or twice a week depending on individual scalp.


Benefits: This product has the perfect blend in oils, and herbs that help with removing excess oils, repairing scalp health, helping with eczema , dandruff and psoriasis. The grapefruit is the perfect blend , due to its healing effects, it actually treats dandruff, kills bacteria and helps with balancing scalp micro biome. This is the perfect products to cleanse, balance , reset and soothe your scalp.

- This jar comes in 12oz