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All Grown Out Hair Growth Oil


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This all natural hair growth oil is designed to be used twice a day and is perfect for those with bald spots, damaged hair, thin edges, and alopecia. It can even help thicken thin hair and promote growth in beards and stubborn hair. This oil is non-greasy and absorbs easily into the scalp, making it ideal for use while wearing a weave or braids. And the best part? You can see noticeable results in just 3-7 days!



  1. Quickly repairs bald spots
  2. Thickens up thin hair
  3. Grows hair longer, very fast
  4. Fixes any scalp issues such as dry scalp & eczema
  5. Repairs alopecia
  6. Grows edges back
  7. Grows beards
  8. Repairs split ends

Who can use this oil

EVERYONE! Kids, babies, men, & women

How to use

Use TWICE a day, apply directly to the scalp and massage into scalp. Section hair off and apply to any area you’d like to see growth.


A proprietary blend that includes mint oil, lavender, rose, rosemary, caster oil, aloe vera, sage & a mixed blend.